Phaselis Antik Kenti B

Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis is an ancient Greek and Roman city in Lycia. Phaselis serves as a marine tourism area with its beaches in addition to its historical features.

This famous trading city of the Old Ages is notable for having three separate ports. Thanks to these ports, it has reached a privileged position by enriching with sea trade. Phaselis, visited by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 129, is also famous for its advanced engineering water distribution system.

In the middle of the city, there is a 20-24 meter wide street. At the southern end of this street is Hadrian's waterway gate. There are promenades and shops on either side of the street. Nearby are public buildings such as Baths, Agora and Theatre. The history of these structures dates back to the 2nd centuries BC. There are water channels between the city center and the settlement, which is built on a plateau at an altitude of 70 m.

While the city was under Roman rule, the ancient settlement, which the emperors visited and honored, received the title of a bishopric center during the Byzantine period but later lost its wealth due to Arab raids. After the Seljuk domination in Anatolia was consolidated, the city was completely withdrawn from the historical scene.

No beaches in Phaselis Bay have sun loungers and parasols. However, the trees just behind the beaches prevent you from having trouble, thanks to their shadows.

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