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Cancer Check-up

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Cancer occurs when cells proliferate beyond our control. 4 main factors play a role in its formation. These factors are; behavioral factors (smoking, irregular diet, etc.), biological factors (age, gender, race, etc.), environmental factors (conditions of the living environment), and genetic factors (hereditary disease).

No matter how much the person pays attention to their quality of life, early diagnosis is very important for this disease that occurs out of control. We offer more effective treatments to our patients with our personalized treatment approach and 24-hour continuous oncology service. With this check-up, the risk of cancer and many diseases can be prevented. Thus, being able to determine the necessary precautions with early intervention increases the patient's comfort of life.


  • Medical Oncology
  • Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Interventional Radiology
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Frequently Asked Questions About Cancer Check-up

  • What is done in cancer screening?

    Multiple tests are performed before diagnosis. Methods such as computed tomography, complete blood count test, ultrasound, and x-rays are used. During the biopsy, your doctor will take a cell sample from you.

  • What are the prices of Cancer Check-ups?

    Please contact us for detailed information about check-up rates.

  • What are the risk factors for cancer?

    Many factors can be caused by age, genetics, immune system, alcohol consumption, overweight, insufficient physical activity, smoking, infection.

  • What are the types of cancer?

    Brain and spinal cord cancers


    Sarcoma (a malignant tumor of bone or tissue)

    Lymphoma and Myeloma

    Carcinoma (breast cancer, prostate, lung cancer, colon cancer)

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