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Dental Treatments in Turkey

Dental Work in Turkey

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Oral and dental health problems seriously affect the comfort of our daily life flow. As with other health problems that occur in our body, there may be urgent intervention for oral and dental health. Noyan Health & Travel offers dental treatments in Turkey via comprehensive services with contracted hospitals and clinics staffed by renowned experienced doctors.

Noyan Health & Travel work with expert dentists in Turkey who follow and apply the latest technologies in dental treatments. With more than 10 treatment options from orthodontics to zirconium crowns, we offer solutions not only to treat your dental problems, but also to possible dental problems. We work with professional dental clinics in Antalya and prefer the best internationally guaranteed brands in our treatments. For our dental treatment services, we serve our patients in our contracted clinics in environments that are disinfected with great care and meticulousness. We provide service in more than five languages in all our contracted clinics.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Treatments

  • Is it safe to have dental treatment in Turkey?

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients select Turkey for health tourism. Dental treatment is at the forefront of these. There are two basic reasons why dental work in Turkey is safe. First and foremost, quality! Noyan Health & Travel hospitals and clinics have the International Health Authorization Certificate. The success rate, world-class treatment service, and professionalism are prioritized. Secondly Specialization! Dentists in Turkey work with high-quality standards, hygiene and professionalism. There are numerous recognized schools of dentistry in Turkey, and in order to be qualified, the dentist must have trained for at least 5 years, typically continuing on to specialization for an additional couple of years.

  • Why do people go to Turkey for dental treatment?

    Turkey is the new shining star of the world in dental treatment. There are many reasons for this.

    • World-class health service quality
    • Competitive & Affordable dental treatment prices in Turkey
    • Personalized and various dental treatments
    • Number of accredited health institutions and organizations
    • Short waiting time
    • Rich cultural heritage
    • Health and holiday together
    • Variety of accommodation
  • Which city should I choose for dental treatment in Turkey?

    When it comes to dental treatment, Antalya and Istanbul come to mind. Istanbul, which can be easily reached at the junction of Europe and Asia, has widespread services in the field of dental treatment. In the other hand, Antalya which is Turkey's tourism paradise has many features that differentiate it from Istanbul. These; all-inclusive hotel options, historical and ancient cities, warm and temperate climates all year long, and experienced and specialist doctors and staff.

  • How much does it cost to have dental work in Turkey?

    Hundreds of thousands of patients prefer Turkey because of the expense of dental treatment in their own countries. Especially, citizens of western countries, who are excluded from the basic health insurance coverage of treatment, evaluate their preferences by getting health treatment in Turkey.

    Dental work prices in Turkey are quite affordable and competitive. Check out Noyan Health & Travel's dental treatment package prices in Turkey.

  • How long does it take to get teeth done in Turkey?

    Dental treatments take between 1 and 5 days on average.

    *Treatment time may increase depending on the patient's health status, needs and treatment type.

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