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Implant Treatments in Turkey

Best Dental Implant Care in Turkey

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Implants are living tissue, that is, inanimate substances placed in the body and compatible with body tissue. The most well-known of these inanimate substances placed in the body are dental implants.
Dental implants, one of the most important dental treatments of today, are the preferred treatment method for lost teeth. Dental implants consist of a titanium-based screw or root placed in a slot that opens into the jawbone.


There are many factors for successful implant treatment, some of which are how quickly the missing tooth is compensated, bone density in the missing tooth area and the patient's tooth structure are some of the most important factors. In addition to these patient-related factors, a treatment center equipped with high-quality materials and specialists is essential for successful implantation.
Noyan Health & Travel offers Turkey's best dental implant treatments with comprehensive services with contracted hospitals and clinics that provide world-class services by using the most advanced technological facilities.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Turkey good for dental implant treatments?

    Turkey's success in dental treatment is based on many years. European tourists who came to Turkey years ago discovered how talented Turkish dentists are and were able to get their procedures done at a much more affordable price than in their own country. This success, which has grown exponentially over the years, has created a completely different health tourism sector today. Tourists from all over the world prefer doctors in Turkey, especially in Antalya and Istanbul, both in order to have a holiday and to be able to successfully treat them at an affordable price.

  • Can anyone have dental implants?

    Every healthy individual who has completed the age of growth can have an implant. In some chronic diseases such as diabetes, the disease should be kept under control during the treatment. One of the most important issues that many people wonder about is whether implant treatment will work. Thanks to the developing technology, the success rate of implant treatments is very high today. Before starting the treatment, a specialist physician will provide the necessary preliminary studies after examining you in detail. Bone resorption, which was one of the biggest problems years ago, is no longer a problem thanks to developing technology.

  • What are the causes of jaw bone meltdown?

    There are many reasons for the melting of the jawbone, and it is a common dental jaw problem. As age progresses, especially in women after menopause and towards menopause, the jaw muscle and bone are also affected, as are other muscle bone structures. Lack of timely restoration of the missing tooth is another common cause of jaw bone resorption. Other reasons such as unbalanced nutrition, a badly made denture, a long period of empty tooth space after tooth extraction, gingivitis, and one-way chewing also play a role in jaw bone meltdown. People aged 40 and over can prevent such diseases with a balanced diet, physical activity that increases muscle mass, replacing the missing vitamins and minerals, and regular doctor examinations.

  • Can an implant be made to the melted jawbone?

    Boxing technique is used to reconstruct the jawbone and make it suitable for implant treatment in unavoidable jaw bone meltdowns. Bone powder and substances that have been specially treated with the boxing technique are injected into the chin. When the chin muscle density is sufficient for implant treatment, tooth transplantation is started. Although this process varies from person to person and the structure of the jaw, it takes 3-6 months at intervals. The reason for waiting for a certain time is that it needs a certain time to strengthen the jaw structure.

  • Does dental implant treatment hurt?

    Since local anesthesia is applied to the jaw during implant treatment, it is the same as tooth extraction. Most patients state that it is a more comfortable procedure than a tooth extraction.
    A slight pain is expected after the implant procedure and this is normal. There is an intervention in the gum for the placement of the implant and some pain is normal after the anesthesia has passed. Although this pain varies from person to person, it is expected to pass within a day or two and not affect daily life.

  • How many dental implants can be made at the same time?

    After your dentist examines you and performs the necessary procedures, if your condition is suitable, you can have several implants made at the same time.

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