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Cavities develops in our teeth for various reasons, the first thing we need to do is to make our dental care routine and to intervene immediately in case of minor dental cavities. Unfortunately, in some cases, tooth decay becomes very deep and the pulp, the inner part of these deeply damaged and cracked teeth, can no longer regenerate.


The pulp, which is the inner part of the tooth, contains the nerves, lymph, and blood vessels of our teeth, this is the softest part of our tooth.
Although our teeth are generally damaged by caries, some factors other than cavities can also damage our teeth, including trauma, especially when playing sports or as a result of an accident and gum inflammation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if we don't treat our damaged teeth?

    If we do not treat and care for our teeth, especially tooth decay, over time the teeth will start to become inflamed. Inflammation that gets to the inner part of the tooth causes bacteria to multiply here, and due to this infection, swelling and pain in the tooth begin to appear.

    The later we start treatment, the more it will continue to spread and multiply. Sometimes the infection grows so much that it begins to spread to the neck around the eyes and other areas of the face. The earlier the treatment is started, the greater the chance of saving the tooth.

  • What is root canal treatment?

    In case the pulp, which is the inner part of the tooth damaged by infection and other reasons, cannot renew itself, it starts to form bacteria in the body as a dead cell and continues gradually, causing inflammation. Removing this dead cell from the inside of the tooth, purifying the environment from infection, drying the inflammation if there is inflammation, and then filling the tooth with materials suitable for the tooth is called root canal treatment.

    The aim of root canal treatment is to try to save the tooth surface, which is the hard part of the tooth, and to prevent the tooth from being pulled out.

  • Is root canal treatment a painful procedure?

    Although it seems like a detailed procedure as a form of treatment, it is a procedure that is as comfortable as dental cavities and dental care and does not cause pain due to anesthesia. Since most of the patients who come to have root canal treatment are already in a lot of pain due to infection, as soon as they start root canal treatment, they begin to relax and their pain begins to pass.

    The earlier the treatment is started, the greater the chance of saving the tooth.

  • How long does root canal treatment take and what kind of procedures are applied?

    The duration and treatment vary according to the general health status of the patient undergoing root canal treatment and the condition of the tooth.

    First, the doctor determines the condition of the tooth in detail by taking a general examination and an x-ray of the tooth.

    After the condition of the tooth is determined, if there is an infection, the doctor first takes the necessary actions to stop the inflammation.

    These procedures may sometimes require a longer treatment, in which case the doctor intervenes to drain the inflammation, then, if necessary, administers medications and gives the patient time to dry the inflammation. During this time, the doctor drains the dead internal tissue and makes a temporary filling. This filling protects the tooth against external factors during this period.

    After the doctor is satisfied that the inflammation is completely dry, he reopens the tooth and performs some procedures that completely disinfect the tooth.

    After the diseased tissue and nerves are completely cleaned, the tooth area is filled with special fillings suitable for root canal treatment.

    While a timely intervention can already be treated in a single session, root canal treatment can be performed after infection treatment in an inflamed root canal treatment.

  • Can any dentist do root canal treatment?

    Although all dentists can perform root canal treatment, there are usually Doctors specializing in endodontic root canal treatment in Turkey, and these doctors and clinics have the latest technology tools for root canal treatment and staff specialized in this field. All these factors increase the success rate and durability of root canal treatment.

  • How long is the life of a tooth treated with a root canal?

    A root canal treatment with a specialist doctor and suitable precision instruments has a long lifespan, and you feel almost as comfortable as your own healthy tooth. In recent years, with the increase in technology, tooth filling is made with digital special porcelain filling systems. The life of these fillings is much longer than the old fillings.

    Regularly taking care of our root canal treated teeth and going to the dentist every 6 months will extend the life of our treated teeth. Thus, the life of the filled tooth can be much longer, as in our normal teeth.

  • What should be considered after root canal treatment and is there any pain?

    After a root canal treatment, slight pain may occur for a few days. With the pain relievers recommended by your doctor, this pain will go away in a few days. If the pain lasts longer and does not go away despite painkillers, this can be an indication that the inflammation has not dried up completely. In this case, you should inform your doctor as soon as possible. No long-term pain is expected after root canal treatment.

    Oral hygiene and food choices are the first things to consider after treatment. It is appropriate to avoid sugary, sticky, hard and starchy foods for a period of time.

    as part of general oral hygiene, it would also be appropriate to use mouthwash and an interdental brush or floss.

  • Is root canal treatment done on the same tooth again?

    Only your doctor can give you the best answer to this question. If your doctor decides that it is suitable for a new root canal treatment after determining the general condition of your tooth with a detailed examination and X-ray, he will perform the procedure again.

  • Are there any alternative treatments to root canal treatment?

    Root canal treatment is actually a process between tooth decay and tooth extraction.

    When tooth decay has reached the pulp and cannot be prevented, the only options left are to drain the pulp and perform a root canal treatment, or to remove the tooth and replace it with an implant, bridge or prosthesis. Root canal treatment allows us to save our teeth by using our own tooth enamel instead of these expensive procedures. Root canal treatment is actually the last intervention we can do to avoid losing our teeth.

  • Is a root canal treatment an expensive procedure?

    Root canal treatment is a much more suitable form of treatment than procedures such as implants, prostheses and bridges. Thanks to root canal treatment, we protect the enamel of our own teeth and there is no need for tooth extraction or any other intervention.

  • How much does a root canal cost in Turkey?

    Hundreds of thousands of patients prefer Turkey because of the expense of dental treatment in their own countries. Especially, European and American citizens, who are excluded from the basic health insurance coverage of treatment, evaluate their preferences by getting dental treatment in Turkey.

    Root canal costs in Turkey are quite affordable and competitive. Check out Noyan Health & Travel's dental treatment package prices in Turkey.

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