Closed Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey

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Rhinoplasty is a general name given to all surgical procedures related to the nose. It is popularly known as nose surgery. There are many technical types and methods of rhinoplasty. These methods vary according to the patient's expectations and the doctor's expertise. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery operations for both aesthetic and breathing problems. The most common nose surgeries are nasal surgeries, related to the arched nose, low nasal tip, the curvature of the nose, the size of the concha, and breathing.
The reason why rhinoplasty is the most preferred plastic surgery operation is that it contributes greatly to the patient's quality of life, both functionally and aesthetically.While functional rhinoplasty allows people who have difficulty in breathing to breathe more easily, rhinoplasty aesthetically corrects the facial features and appearance of the person.Sometimes, the patient may also have an aesthetic operation and correct his nose aesthetically while performing nasal surgery related to breathing.


Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery ) is a very sensitive surgery as it is an irreversible type of surgery that completely changes the facial contours. Therefore, an experienced doctor takes into account the patient's age and facial anatomy. It allows the patient to express clearly what he/she wants and tells the technique he/she will use.
One of the popular rhinoplasty method is closed rhinoplasty, also know as Closed Nose Surgery. Check Noyan Health & Travel's health packages which include Closed Rhinoplasty in Turkey with full-fledged and contracted hospitals and clinics with leading expert doctors. Other Rhinoplasty techniques are Open rhinoplasty, Revision rhinoplasty, Tipplasty (Nose-tip aesthetics) and Non-surgical techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is closed rhinoplasty preferred to open rhinoplasty?

    As the name suggests, open nose surgery is performed externally and leaves a small scar on the nose. Closed nose surgery is performed by passing through the nostrils.
    The advantages of closed nose surgery as follows;
    • No trace of surgery.
    • Compared to other nose surgeries, the recovery time after surgery is much faster.
    • Much less bruising.
    • Much less swelling and pain.

  • Who is the best plastic surgeon in Turkey?

    There are very talented and expert doctors in aesthetics in Turkey. Noyan Health & Travel provides services especially in the field of Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery with Doctor Ergin Erkal, who is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in Turkey. Dr. Engin Erkal has hundreds of satisfied customers and successful surgeries from different countries in his clinic in Antalya. Dr Engin Erkal is not only in closed nose surgeries, but also Revision has a well-deserved reputation in rhinoplasty.

  • How much is closed rhinoplasty in Turkey?

    Turkey is one of the most suitable countries for rhinoplasty. In Turkey, you can get service from talented doctors at international standards with much more affordable prices compared to Europe and America, not only in closed rhinoplasty but also in other aesthetic surgeries. Antalya has been at the forefront of health tourism for years. You can get a brand new look with our talented doctor Engin Erkal.

  • Is closed rhinoplasty more expensive?

    It is neither cheaper nor more expensive than open rhinoplasty or other methods. The doctor and the patient will decide together how the surgery will be performed. A surgeon will be able to perform surgery in closed surgery as comfortably and well as in open surgery, this is entirely dependent on the doctor's ability.

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