Meryem Ana Evi B

Virgin Mary

The House of The Virgin Mary is a place of worship located on Nightingale Mountain in The Selçuk district of Izmir.

According to legend, Jesus delivered his mother, Mary, to his close friend, St. Jean, before taking his last breath. Thinking that Jerusalem could be dangerous for the Virgin Mary, St. Jean brought her to Ephesus, one of the famous cities of that time, and Ephesus was under Roman rule; he hid Mary in the forest on the back slope of Mount Nightingale and made a house. St. Jean is said to have written his Bible here.

Mary's tomb is also thought to be in Nightingale.

The discovery of the House of Virgin Mary begins with the dream of a peasant woman named Anna Katharina Emmerick, who has never been to Ephesus. The dreams follow each other and say that The House of Virgin Mary is on the mountain behind the city of Ephesus, that she sees both Ephesus and the sea, and that there is cool spring water. Sister Katerin, who has never been out of Germany, collects all these dreams in a book. The book, which he called "The Life of the Virgin Mary", received great attention in the Christian world. Based on this book, the Vatican began searching the house of the Virgin Mary in 1881.

There is a small Byzantine church in the ruins of the Virgin Mary, which can be reached bypassing the upper gate of the ancient city of Ephesus. It is believed that Mary, the mother of Jesus, lived and died here. It is considered sacred and visited by Christians, healing is sought for the sick, and offerings are made.

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