Kapali Carsi B

Grand Bazaar

Covering a total area of 47.000 m2, Istanbul Grand Bazaar consists of 64 streets, 4,000 shops, 22 entrance gates, and a series of covered labyrinth streets, passages, and corridors with 25,000 employees.

1460, the year Fatih Sultan Mehmed started the construction of the Grand Bazaar, was accepted as the foundation year of the Grand Bazaar. The real big bazaar was built in wood by Suleiman the Magnificent. The two old buildings, which are thick-walled from the 15th century and covered with a series of domes, became a shopping mall in the following centuries by covering the developing streets and making additions. In the past, this was a bazaar where certain professions were located on every street and these were under the strict supervision of handicraft manufacturing and commercial ethics and customs were highly respected.

At the Grand Bazaar, you can find almost everything from the best silky shawls and scarves in traditional patterns, antiques, leather products, ceramics, carpets, rugs, spices, Turkish delight, and coffee varieties to handicrafts, gold, and jewelry.

The tempting smell of Turkish delight and Turkish coffee will attract you. There is also a historical coffee house in the Grand Bazaar where you can find the best Turkish coffee cooked over the coal fire. There is also a restaurant serving traditional Turkish cuisine.

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