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Dental Treatments in Turkey

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Oral and dental health problems seriously affect the comfort of our daily life flow. As with other health problems that occur in our body, there may be urgent intervention for oral and dental health.

We work with expert dentists who follow and apply the latest technologies in dental treatments. With more than 10 treatment options from orthodontics to zirconium crowns, we offer solutions not only to treat your dental problems, but also to possible dental problems. We work with professional dental clinics in Antalya and prefer the best internationally guaranteed brands in our treatments. For our dental treatment services, we serve our patients in our contracted clinics in environments that are disinfected with great care and meticulousness. We provide service in more than five languages in all our contracted clinics.

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Dental Treatments

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Implant Treatments
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Hollywood Smile
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Dental Veeners
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Teeth Whitening - Bleaching
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Root Canal Treatment - Endodonti
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Laminate Dental Veeners
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Orthodontic Treatments(Dental Braces)
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All on 4
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Bone Graft
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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
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Gum Diseases
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Anesthesia Sedation

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Treatments

  • What is Dental Night Guard? How to Use Dental Night Guard?

    The dental guard is a solution for incorrect teeth alignment, teeth tightening and grinding diseases, and jaw shifts that occur in individuals due to stress. The usage hours of dental night guards used by patients with teeth tightening and grinding conditions may vary depending on their level of discomfort. When cleaning your dental night guard, be careful not to damage it. After cleaning the dental night guard with water and soap, it is recommended that the user keep it in a closed box. The duration of use of dental night guards may vary according to the discomforts of our patients.

  • How to Use Removable Dental Prothesis? Types of Removable Dental Prothesis?

    Removable dental prostheses are apparatus that can replace the missing teeth that patients can attach and remove themselves. There are full and partial removable dental prostheses available. Your doctor will determine what type of prosthesis is best for you. The patient should consume soft foods at first for dental health. Since it is healthier to remove and clean dental prostheses orally, it is necessary to clean the dental prosthesis with a toothbrush without damaging it.

  • How long does it take for a dental implant to be made and placed?

    To briefly answer the question of what is an implant; It is the process of placing artificial tooth roots in place of missing teeth. According to your implant treatment, it can last between 3 days to 4 months. If we answer the question of how many days to place an implant, it is placed at the first stage. In the second stage, the implant should be fused to the jawbone. In the last stage, porcelains are made to be attached to the implant. After some diseases, if the bones weaken over time, the perception occurs that the implant cannot be placed because the jawbone is thin and brittle. This is a wrong information. Grafts can be used to form your jawbone to support dental implants.

  • In which cases is dental filling done?

    The filling is a method applied to rotten, broken, or cracked teeth. Local anesthesia is usually used during the filling treatment.

  • What is Zirconium Dental Veneer? What are the advantages of Zirconium Coating?

    Zirconium coating is a treatment method applied to obtain a more aesthetic appearance in the mouth. Zirconia is used in zirconium coating, is also used in diamond production, and is famous for its quality.

    Zirconium coating offers too high performance to have any problems in terms of oral and dental health. Zirconium crowns minimize problems such as tooth stains and tartar. The whole crown is made of zirconium material. In this way, the crown made will always remain white. Teeth whitening method, we can reach the desired whiteness with zirconium coating of teeth that do not change color. Contact us for detailed information on zirconium crown prices.

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